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Sri Aparadha-shodhana / Verses for Requesting Forgiveness for One’s Offences



Sri Aparadha-shodhana
(Verses for Requesting Forgiveness for One’s Offences)
mantra-hinam kriya-hinam bhakti-hinam janardana
yat pujitam maya deva paripurnam tad astu me
O my Lord, O Janardana, whatever little puja or worship that has been performed by me, although it is without devotion, without proper mantras, and without the proper performance, please let that become complete.
yad-dattam bhakti-matrena patram puspam phalam jalam
aveditam nivedyan tu tad grihananukampaya
Whatever has been offered with devotion–the leaf, the flower, the water, the fruit, the food offering–please accept it out of Your causeless mercy.
vidhi-hinam mantra-hinam yat kiñcad upapaditam
kirya-mantra-vihinam va tat sarvam kshantum arhasi
Whatever has happened without the proper chanting of the mantra, or without following the proper procedure, kindly forgive all that.
ajñanad athava jñanad ashubham yan maya kritam
kshantum arhasi tat sarvam dasyenaiva grihana mam
sthitih seva gatir yatra smritish cinta stutir vacah
bhuyat sarvatmana vishno maidyam tvayi cestitam
Whatever inauspicious things I have done out of ignorance or unknowingly, please forgive that, and accept me as Your insignificant servant. Let my normal condition be service, let my movement be holy pilgrimage, let my thought be remembrance of You, let my words be glorification of You. O Vishnu, let my activities with my whole mind, body and soul, be engaged in You.
aparadha-sahasrani kriyante ‘har-nisham maya
daso ‘ham iti mam matva kshamasva madhusudana
Thousands of offenses are performed by me day and night. But thinking of me as Your servant, kindly forgive those, O Mashusudana.
pratijña tava govinda na me bhaktah pranashyati
iti samsmritya samsmritya pranan sandharayamy aham
O Govinda, Your promise is that Your devotee will never perish. By remembering this over and over again, I am able to retain my life-airs.
These Prayers can be found in the Deity Worship Manual Sri Krsna-Balarama Mandir

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