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Shocking News: ISKCON Bangalore vs Iskcon Mumbai Case - Hare Krishna Blog

ISKCON Bangalore vs ISKCON Mumbai Case - A Merry Go round turn tip

ISKCON Bangalore, one of the world's renowned Sri Krishna Temple located in Bangalore/Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, is facing a trivia of court cases from long time, and now ISKCON Mumbai which was setup at the time of Srila Prabhupada, proclaimed Founder of ISKCON Organisation joins itself in this list.

ISKCON Mumbai headed by Srila Prabhupada's disciple HG Jayapathaka Swami [one of the ISKCON GBC member and GBC appointed GURU of  ISKCON] wants to squander ISKCON Bangalore property as well as Vyasa Peeta [Authority Seat] has lead his disciples to create hoax in and around ISKCON Bangalore and its members, though none of the ISKCON members ISKCON international GBC are showing genuine interest with the case.

One can even understand ISKCON Bangalore was instituted at the time when HG Jayapathaka Swami was looking after the South Zone of India, regardless when Srila Prabhuapada was still mortally alive. What we believe here is that no document was ever signed by Srila Prabhupada as he himself was money gravy, Vyasaasana greedy & position greedy person, as the case being how could one even believe that there is any truth in this case??? What one has to observer is that, ISKCON may/could have the sign stamp of proclaimed ISKCON founder and may have duplicitively created documents which may now give a twist to the perinial case.

ISKCON Bangalore has been fighting with ISKCON Mumbai till now and yet hasn't reached anywhere, as per the court case petitioned and fought by both the sides, we have the following notable points from the Supreme Court: [Notable excerpts from one of the ISKCON websites]

The ongoing legal dispute between ISKCON Bangalore and ISKCON Mumbai came up today for hearing before the divisional bench of the Supreme Court, comprised of Hon'ble Justice J. Chelameswar and Hon'ble Justice S. A. Bobde.
At 2 pm when the case started, the honorable judges enquired on the status of the peace proposal before going into the details of the case. ISKCON Bangalore’s Senior Counsel Sri P. P. Rao explained to the honorable Supreme Court on how ISKCON Bangalore complying with the court’s suggestion had already approached ISKCON Mumbai with an offer of peace proposal.  Sri P. P. Rao conveyed to the court the that ISKCON Bangalore had categorically approached ISKCON Mumbai with a request to allow ISKCON Bangalore group of devotees to have freedom for practice of faith of Srila Prabhupada as the Diksha Guru.  ISKCON Bangalore also clearly communicated in the peace proposal, how it had no problems in handing over the administration of ISKCON Bangalore to the GBC, only if ISKCON Mumbai accepts the fact that in these temples only Srila Prabhupada is the guru and Acharya.
ISKCON Mumbai counsel claimed that ISKCON Bangalore did not respond to the call for a meeting in Kolkata called by ISKCON Mumbai. He further stated that ISKCON Bangalore actually want to take control of all ISKCON temples in India through this proposal.
ISKCON Bangalore Senior Counsel countered Mumbai’s counsel to read the peace proposal of ISKCON Bangalore properly and not misinterpret. He argued the proposal is fair and seeks to give provision for the devotees to practice and accept Prabhupada as their only guru.

As of now Supreme Court of India has called both the parties to Kurukshetra, India on 14th January 2015.
When the counsel for ISKCON Bangalore wanted to start his arguments, citing the fact that this case will require considerable deliberation and the upcoming Christmas holidays for the court will interrupt the arguments, the honorable court listed the case for hearing on top of the list on 14th January 2015.
 As you can observe, this case has been prolonged from long duration, started from property issue has now toiled  towards GURU issue. Launched from local court of Bangalore, India now raised to Supreme Court of India.

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