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Srimati Sita Devi (consort of Lord Sri Rama) — Appearance

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 12:11 PM PDT video:TheVedicStudent Sacred appearance day of Srimati Jahnava devi info Srimati Sita devi (Sri Ramacandra’s consort) Sri Madhu Pandita tirobhava tithi (disappearance day) Monday, April 30, 2012 Srila Prabhupada explains the glories of Srimati Jahnava devi sri-virabhadra gosani–skandha-mahasakha tanra upasakha yata, asankhya tara lekha SYNONYMS sri-virabhadra gosani—of the name Sri Virabhadra Gosani; skandha—of the trunk; [...]

Marcos M: Prabhupada books in kindle formats

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 11:56 AM PDT video: DavidLugan Hare Krsna! I appreciated the website with original books for free but I can not read in my kindle because when I convert for mobi the fonts not accept. So, is there any devotee has Bhagavd gita (original) in mobi file for Kindle? thanks! Tweet

Udupi Temple Festival | Gauridasa Pandita Prabhu

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 10:34 AM PDT video: gauridasapandita “Here’s my latest video from my latest trip to India last month. This time I spent a week in South India. This video is taken at the ancient Sri Krsna Temple in Udupi. They have a big festival every night. The Deities are taken first on a boat ride, then on a [...]

Masala Papad (Papad Salad)

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 09:00 AM PDT video: Manjulaskitchen Crispy papad topped with spicy salad makes a very refreshing appetizer. Masala Papad is full of flavors and very tempting. This is a very simple and easy recipe to make. Recipe will serve 2. Ingredients: 2 plain papad, these are available in Indian grocery stores 2 medium size tomatoes, seeded and diced [...]

Narasimha Chaturdasi | Prabhupada Mandir Sunnyvale

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 03:06 AM PDT

Nrsimha-caturdasi Lecture on Lord Nrsimhadeva's Appearance Day by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Boston, May 1, 1969 Tweet

Brazil to host the Earth Summit in Rio | Greenpeace

Posted: 28 Apr 2012 11:08 PM PDT GreenpeaceVideo — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff can veto damaging changes to Brazil’s Forest Code, which would weaken protections for the forest. Srila Prabhupada, New York, December 12, 1966 — Suppose before you came to America from Europe… The land was there. And suppose sometimes you leave this land. Oh, the land will remain [...]

Heteronomy, Transcendence, and the Awakening of the Responsible Self

Posted: 28 Apr 2012 09:55 PM PDT

Video: The Brook Srila Prabhupada, Philadelphia, July 12, 1975: I have got so many relationship. As an affectionate friend or envious enemy, we have got some relationship. With everyone within this world we have got some. Either it may be affectionate or envy; it doesn’t matter. So in this way we are living forgetting that [...]

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