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Acintya-Bhedabheda-Tattva is the perfect philosophy of the Absolute Truth

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 11:58 AM PDT video: TheVedicStudent The Cosmic Manifestation | Purusa-sukta Confirmed Srimad-Bhagavatam,  Canto 2.6.13-16, purport: [...] The manifested varieties of the universe are therefore not different from the Lord, just as golden ornaments of different shapes and forms are nondifferent from the original stock reserve of gold. In other words, the Lord is the Supreme Person who [...]

Sriman Jayananda Prabhu Samadhi Opening Ceremony

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 03:59 AM PDT

By: Sudarshan Das Singapore Letter to: Jayananda Delhi 16 September, 1967 My Dear Jayananda, Please accept my blessings. I’m so glad to receive your letter of Aug 30, and I know also that you are a sincere devotee of Lord Krishna. When you drive your car you always chant “Hare Krishna” and when I was [...]

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In his free time he mostly blogs, prays to the lord and sleeps.


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