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Sri Sri RadhaVrindavana Chandra- Dulara and Dulari of Vrindavana

Sri Sri Radha Vrindavana Chandra- glimse, temple view, more

The most valuable gem of the whole Vrindavana, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Sri Sri RadhaVrindavana Chandra.

The more you see them you will want to see more.

What more? Just watch the below video. You will see it for yourself!!!

Sri Sri Radha Vrindavana Chandra temple is situated on Chattikara Road of Vrindavana town or Village in Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh District of India or Hindustan.

The magnanimity of Radha and Krishna can be overlooked by watching Radha Vrindavana Chandra.

Their love overflows for their devotees as Krishna Chandra in Iskcon Bangalore.

One will surely feel joy and bliss in their amidst and joy of succumbrous  devotees howling Haribol and noobpada always. (Lol).

Haribol is nice but why noobpada ? Whatever you may call noobpada as I don't care.

Just a joke. NO OFFENCE TO BE CONSIDERED HERE. I am little bit worried (NoobPada):)

All blissful and glories to Sri Sri RadhaVrindavana Chandra



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