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After I watched this video I was really perplexed as eventhough I knew about the Guru Issue within ISKCON (International Society For Krishna Consiousness) I had not taken it much seriously as one of the devotee in ISKCON BANGALORE His Grace Amitasana Das had informed in one of the lectures not to worry about it and just concentrate on our services.

Eventually I took it seriously and started supporting and I feel after much controversies with lot of people I feel that I facing much of the consequences.

I am wondering "Why people do such things that when one is not appointed to act in such an such a thing why in the world a person does so?"

I belive I may not be the only one who is or may have faced consequences in life but there would several others also.

I see this to be taken as a Vaishnava aparadha as such as blastpheming a devotee, hurting the sprotual master in whatsoever matter it may be.....

The consequences may also include unable to chant the hare krishna mahamantra.

I would like to know what do you feel about it.

Please do not leave a response or a comment based on ego, let it be unbaised and must never be a curse sort of a thing.

Remember, we are all devotees so your comments will be heard around the globe and affected all the devotees.

Shri Krishna

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